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Cross Trans Service is more than a forwarding and logistics company. We are looking for the best solution for you by exploiting and including all available means of transport and traffic routes. Whether in containers overseas or by truck to Bavaria, our employees have many years of experience and find the optimal route for your freight supported by state-of-the-art technology. We take care of customs clearance, storage and transport, be it your vehicle, your moving or your bulk cargo.

We have been in Bremerhaven since 1996 and offer our customers successful service in the field of extensive transport and other logistical services. Supported by an extensive network of partners worldwide, we always have competent support „on site“.
In this way, all your goods will surely find their way to their destination.

Satisfaction and a long-term trusting business relationship are our greatest reward.

Experience Sets Priorities

„There are no such things as unrealistic dreams. There are only unrealistic timelines.“ – Nido Qubein. And you need the right partners, we would like to add this quote from Qubein. A partner who has already made many a dream come true.

Hand on heart. For many, a dream on earth no longer lies on the back of horses, but on the leather seats of horsepower-intensive dream cars. A new Mustang or used Camaro brought to Germany – no problem for us. Your employees take their car with them to the new location overseas? Vehicle transport is our specialty. Completely individual, safe, fast and above all cost-effective, we have the solution for your request.

And when it comes to unrealistic time limits: on land, on water and through the air, you have the vehicle, we have the know-how.


Vehicle Transport

Cross Trans Service has many years of experience in the safe handling of vehicle transport worldwide, which benefits us in logistics in European countries. When transporting vehicles, trust in our selected haulage companies, which have been with us for a long time. This allows us to get any vehicle – be it a motorhome, commercial vehicle or motorcycle – to its destination quickly and safely.

  • Covered transports for high-priced vehicles
  • General car transports throughout Germany
  • Car transports to and from Great Britain
  • Car transports to and from Switzerland including border clearance
    (our race track „Bremerhaven – Switzerland“)
  • Transport of motorcycles
  • Creation of T1 shipping documents

Vehicle Import.

Cross Trans Service offers you the complete range of services for your import processing. Safe handling of the vehicles and complete documentation are a guarantee for a high level of customer satisfaction.  No matter in which region of North America, for example, you have purchased your car, whether new or used cars or whether you import the car as a private individual or as a dealer, we bring your dream car safely to the front door on request.

  • Advance by truck or car transporter
  • Documentation and status – available at any time
  • Export customs clearance by our local partners
  • Shipment in container, final load and receipt
  • RoRo shipping and reception
  • Shipping and receiving by air freight
  • Safe storage
  • Photo documentation and damage control
  • Import customs clearance
  • Relocation goods handling
  • Fiscal representation
  • Follow-up by car transporter to the destination
  • And on request:
    • covering goods damage insurance
    • we are looking for the right conversion of your vehicle to European standard including German „KFZ-Brief“

By the way: Your dream car is older than 35 years and in a good original condition – i.e. a real classic car – then we are happy to help you import it duty-free and with only 7 % import tax. Ask us, we will use your vehicle data to check whether your vehicle meets the requirements.


Vehicle Export.

Cross Trans Service has an extensive network of agents in all major seaports in North America and Asia. A long-standing cooperation with selected shipping companies enables cost-effective and high-quality shipments worldwide from Bremerhaven or Hamburg.  
Your employees go to the Middle East or, for example, to China and take their vehicle with them – we make sure that they stay mobile.

  • Advance by truck or car transporter
  • Documentation and status – available at any time
  • Export customs clearance
  • Loading, securing and shipping in the container
  • RoRo Shipping
  • Reception, photo documentation and damage control
  • Shipping and receiving by air freight
  • Customs clearance
  • Follow-up at the port of arrival
  • And on request:
    • Covering goods damage insurance

Preparation of dangerous goods declarations and packing certificates


Partner.Port Agents.Ship agency.

Service needs partners.


Cross Trans Service works together with the shipping agency H. C.ROEVER, which supports us with their business focus on ship brokerage, tankers and bulk carriers, cruise ships, superyachts and logistical support as well as project cargo.

For further information please contact:

+49 (0) 471 9458065


Cross Trans Service will be happy to answer your questions, our staff will try to answer all your questions competently in advance, so that you can receive your goods or vehicles safely and calmly.



We have once again compiled our questions and our answers for you:

Please pay cash on pick-up or alternatively by bank transfer a few days before collection.
Unfortunately, credit or debit card payment is not possible on site.

Yes, we advise each customer to contact their contact person in advance to discuss the pick-up modalities and especially the necessary customs clearance.

As a rule, every importer is obliged to pay these duties – in case of a temporary import (e. g. tourist) or for a transit document, security must be deposited. The exception is the transfer of goods as relocation goods. Please contact us directly!

Your goods are generally not insured by sea! We therefore recommend that you take out separate transport insurance for the sea route and the subsequent transport to your front door.

No, Cross Trans Service takes over pure logistical tasks when importing your car, but we are happy to help you find a suitable conversion provider for your vehicle.

Our team is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.
If you want to pick up a vehicle, please be with us by 16:00 at the latest.

The vehicle is stored in a closed open-air area, access is only after authorization. On special request, hall storage is also possible.

Please always have the following documents ready:

  • Contract of sale
  • Title
  • Bill of Lading

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Cross Trans Service is certified as an „Authorised Economic Operator“ (AEO) by customs. Decisive for this certification are continuous training and further education of our employees and the use of modern hardware and software. An effort that pays off for you and is reflected in a high level of competence in handling customs matters.

Cross Trans Service is located at one of the leading gateways in the European Community. Short distances to the customs offices involved enable us to process your goods quickly, safely and in accordance with the rules in both import and export.

As a qualified customs broker, we offer you:

  • Clearance of export declarations
  • Import customs clearance for „free circulation“
  • Creation of T1 shipping documents
  • Handling of TIR CARNET or ATA
  • Fiscal Representation
  • Inward and outward processing
  • Creating „BHT numbers“ or „B numbers“

Customs clearance

Since 28.06.2010 Cross Trans Service is certified by customs as an authorised economic operator (AEO). This certification requires the constant instruction and further training of our employees. This is reflected in many years of competence in processing customs matters. In addition to this we use state-of-the-art software which enables us to handle your goods without delay.

Cross Trans Service is located in one of the leading gateways to the European Union. Proximity to the customs offices involved provides for swift feedback both for import and export and guarantees a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Our contacts will be happy to help you


Heiko von Glahn

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Britta Junge

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Laura Schwake

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Isabella Lemke

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Jutta Gerwinat

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Youth Team

Sahin Öztorun

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Lasse Heinecke

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Artur Buzdykhanov

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Mobile Team

Tatjana Giesecke

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Benjamin Roes

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Sven Glatz

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